6 Commonly Forgotten Surfaces When Cleaning And Disinfecting

Are you missing important surfaces when cleaning and disinfecting your home?

Disinfecting is a crucial step in maintaining a healthy environment. It’s important to clean surfaces with cleaning solutions, then disinfect them with an appropriate disinfection solution. This will help protect your family and employees from germs that can cause illness or infection.

You’ll want to make sure you’re cleaning all of these six surfaces when cleaning and disinfecting!

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The Most Commonly Forgotten Surfaces When Cleaning and Disinfecting

It’s easy to miss cleaning certain surfaces when cleaning and disinfecting. These six are the most commonly forgotten surfaces when cleaning and disinfecting your home or business:

1. Doorknobs

You’ll want to disinfect your doorknobs often, whether they are inside or outside of your home. When cleaning the interior surfaces of the doors in your house, be sure to wipe down the doorknobs with a cleaning solution and a cleaning cloth. This will remove any harmful germs that may have transferred onto the doorknobs while entering and exiting rooms.

2. Telephone Buttons

The buttons on our telephones are notorious for being full of germs. It’s such a small space that is often forgotten, but it’s one of the places with the most touches. Once again, make sure you clean and disinfect phone buttons to remove any potentially harmful germs.

3. Light Switches

While cleaning the light switches in your house, be sure to disinfect them as well so you can avoid catching or transmitting bacteria and other harmful germs while cleaning the surfaces of your home.

4. Kitchen Sink Faucet Handles

The faucet handles on kitchen sinks are just as important to clean and disinfect since many dirty hands touch it each day. Make sure you wipe down these surfaces with disinfection solutions and a cleaning cloth. Not only will this keep things looking clean, but disinfecting is an easy way to prevent illness-causing germs from spreading throughout your family.

5. Remote Controls

While cleaning and disinfecting, don’t forget about the cleaning and disinfecting your television remote controls! These often get used by multiple people each day, so cleaning them regularly is important. Unfortunately, studies show that most family members can be carrying cold viruses when they sit down to watch TV on the couch!

6. Computer Keyboards

Whether you are cleaning your home or office, be sure to disinfect computer keyboards on a regular basis to prevent transmitting harmful germs while working on daily tasks. If possible, disinfecting keyboard keys will help keep your family healthy and free of illness-causing germs.

The easiest way to make sure you get a thorough clean within an area is to use advanced cleaning methods like CURIS dry fog disinfection. By using cleaning fog to disinfect surfaces, you are ensuring your home is the healthiest environment possible.

Disinfect Those Forgotten Surfaces Today

Now you know a bit more about the common surfaces that are often forgotten when cleaning and disinfecting your home or office. Make sure you clean and disinfect all of these surfaces on a regular basis to help protect your employees and family members.

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