4 Benefits Of Artificial Turf Grass vs Real Grass

Are you considering redoing your outdoor area? Not sure where to start?

When you’re trying to set up a spot for sports, lounging, or even just for decoration, it’s hard to know what will fit best in your space. Have you considered trying out artificial turf grass?

Artificial turf gets a bad reputation due to the turf options of the past. That turf was spiky, gaudy, and uncomfortable, so why would you want to use it?

We’re here to discuss why the best artificial turf around might make a great addition to your outdoor space. Keep reading to learn more.

1. It Looks Great Year-Round

How does your grass look when there hasn’t been enough rain? What about when it’s too hot or too cold? When your home is too shady?

Let’s face it: grass doesn’t look good all of the time. It’s a plant so it changes with the seasons. While your balcony, lawn, patio, or playground might look perfect when it’s springtime, it won’t look as nice when the weather shifts.

Artificial grass doesn’t have this problem. Fake plants don’t wilt regardless of the weather.

2. It’s Clean

Do you hate having to clean out your foyer every time someone comes home from playing or working outside? No one likes it when someone drags dirt or mud in!

Artificial grass is far cleaner than real grass, so this won’t be an issue. You won’t have to deal with puddling, kicking up dirt, or even getting grass stains on clothing.

3. It’s Safe

Artificial grass is completely safe to play on. Modern artificial turf is soft enough that it shouldn’t leave any scratches on you, your pets, or your children. It’s also resistant to bacteria.

When you have a well-maintained yard full of real grass, it’s likely that you’re treating it with fertilizers and pesticides. Sometimes these things can be harmful to pets and children. Artificial turf doesn’t need these things in order for it to thrive.

4. There’s No Maintenance

How much time do you spend trying to maintain a picture-perfect outdoor space? If you’re like most people who are trying to boost their curb appeal, the answer is “too much time.”

Keeping a perfect lawn requires maintenance. If you do it yourself, you can spend hours trying to water, mow, and weed. If you hire professionals, the costs are going to add up.

Artificial turf requires no maintenance. There will never be any holes or bald patches and weeds won’t be able to push through.

Is Artificial Turf Grass Right for You?

No matter where you’re looking to add some greenery, artificial turf grass might be the right choice! If you want an outdoor space that stays green regardless of the weather, why not cut out all of that extra work and opt for artificial grass?

Find your local artificial turf supply company today and start changing up your lawn!

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