The Best Plush Toys For Curious Babies In 2021

Did you have a favorite stuffed animal as a child? For so many people, those stuffed animals have been members of the family since infancy. If you are having a baby, you might be responsible for introducing your little one to their first best friend for life!

No pressure, but some types of plush toys are definitely better than others. The best plush toys for babies are cute, well-made, and appropriate for curious little ones. Read on to learn about how to choose the best plush toys for babies who love to put things in their mouths!

The Benefits of Plush Toys

Plush toys are more than cute. They can also be key to helping children learn how to self-soothe. A familiar stuffed animal can provide comfort when your child learns to deal with their emotions, making developmental transitions easier.

In addition to keeping anxiety and fear at bay, playing with a plush toy can also help children build language skills in early childhood. Truly loving a stuffed animal can help little ones develop empathy as they grow into their emotional intelligence.

Choosing the Best Plush Toys

When selecting a plush toy for your baby, safety should always be the first consideration. Babies learn about the world by exploring everything through their five senses, including touch and taste. Putting things into their mouths is a necessary part of developing, so choose the plush companion that makes that possible.

You also want to try to keep your prized toys safe from destructive and curious kids! If the hangtag on your radar beanie baby is worth something to you, it’s best to keep it away from tiny hands.

Here are a few of the cardinal rules when it comes to choosing plush toys for infants.

Embroidery Over Eyeballs

While it is tempting to pick out the teddy bear with the sweet button eyes, that might not be the safest choice. Buttons can become loose, even when firmly sewn onto the face. Embroidery does not pose any kind of choking hazard, and can be just as adorable!

Go All Natural

Some stuffed animals have fancy features like fragrances. It’s best to avoid any stuffed animal with those kinds of chemicals, as they can cause allergic reactions. Many companies make stuffed animals with all-natural materials that are safe on the skin.

The Quieter the Better

Do not let toys that include sounds and technological elements sway you. They are not soothing and may include hard battery packs that make them dangerous and uncomfortable for sleep. If you leave your baby to imagine what their friend sounds like, they will develop imagination and even language skills!

Baby’s Best Friend

The best plush toys for babies will always be toys that you feel good about giving to them. They should be free from loose parts, allergens, battery packs, and unnecessary tech. You never know what precious stuffed animal your baby will fall in love with, so don’t give up on your search for baby’s first bestie!

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