What To Look At When Choosing Your Holster

Whether you’re a fan of Desantis or Blackhawk holsters, there are plenty of variable factors that you need to think about when choosing the right one for you. Here are some of the many things you should think about when purchasing a holster. 


Your holster needs to hold your gun in place, whether you are getting in or out of the car or hanging upside down off a cliff. Since you don’t live your life by sitting still, you need a holster that can offer you security amid your daily activities. 


You should be able to access your firearm whether you are sitting in a chair or rolling across the ground. Additionally, you need to ensure that your holster stays put in a convenient access location to give you the best and most reliable draw times. 


Since it’s concealed carry, you don’t want your weapon to be visible over your clothing. You also want to avoid a holster that prints so others know that you are carrying it. 


If your hands get tied up frequently right after firing your weapon, one-handed reholstering is going to be very convenient. While this is absent in thin, floppy holsters, you can often reholster easily with one hand when you have a stiffer material, such as Kydex. In addition, some metal holsters hold their shape well, so you only need one hand to replace your pistol. 


Hip holsters are the most popular, and they sit on your belt on your strong side. The most popular hip holster is the pancake version which has two material pieces sandwiched around your pistol. The avenger is another common type and involves one material piece looped around the weapon. Generally, the pancake style gives you better stability, so it is the preferred method for concealed carry. 


Holsters will either have something to hold the gun in place or not. For instance, open-top holsters and speed scabbards don’t. That said, these are generally preferred for concealed carry. However, be sure to check your local holster retention standards before making a purchase. 

If you’re starting, you should stick to the basics and follow your local regulations. These will get most people comfortable with their new concealed carry weapon. Then, after you get a handle on things, feel free to follow or play around with the elements on this list until you have the perfect arrangement for your needs. 

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