A Quick Overview Of Apache Web App Server For The Tech Industry

The Apache server is free and open-source software that helps users to deploy their websites on the internet. It is one of the most traditional web server software developed by Apache Software Foundation in 1995. Nowadays, Apache has become the most popular web app server among business owners, developers and even hosting providers. It influences the market share by 33% across all websites. It most importantly improves the server, ensuring optimum performance for users.

In this article, you will get a quick overview of Apache web app servers for the tech industry.

What is Apache web app architecture?

Apache is one element that is required in a web app stack to deliver web content. One of the most popular web app development stacks includes Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. Apache is the web server that processes requests and serves web content via HyperText Transfer Protocol. For many components, web apps have similar architecture while they serve several different functions and purposes. Firewalls, web servers, content delivery networks and database servers provide benefits to many web apps.

What are the features of the Apache web app server?

  • Handling of static files
  • Loadable dynamic modules
  • Auto-indexing
  • Compatible with IPv6
  • Supports HTTP/2
  • FTP connections
  • Gzip compression and decompression
  • Bandwidth throttling
  • Perl, PHP, Lua scripts
  • Load balancing
  • Session tracking
  • URL rewriting
  • Geolocation based on IP address

Why are Apache Web Servers more important?

As an open-source platform, Apache provides free source code for viewing and collaboration purposes. This software is very popular with developers who have made and configured their modules to apply specific functionality and improve its core features. Handling a large amount of traffic with minimal configuration is one of the common pros of Apache. Due to its modern functionality, you can configure this web server to achieve your goal. Make your Apache lightweight and efficient by removing unwanted modules.

There are some popular modules such as SSL, Server Side Programming Support and Load Balancing that help to handle a huge amount of traffic.  Apache software can be deployed on Linux, macOS and Windows.

How Does Apache Web App Server Work?

Apache communicates over networks from clients to servers with TCP/IP protocol. This software can be used for various protocols, but the common one is HTTP/S. HyperText Transfer Protocol/Secure is one of the main protocols on web apps.

HTTP/S is used for defining how messages are transmitted across the web with instructions for how to respond to several commands. This protocol is usually via port 443 with the unsecured protocol being via port 80. This server is configured via layout files in which modules control its behavior. By failure, Apache listens to the IP addresses arranged in its requirements. That’s where Apaches’ many strengths come in!

Thanks to its listen directive, Apache gets route-specific traffic for particular ports and domains as per specific address-port combination requests. This directive runs on port 80 but Apache can be jumped to different ports for several domains, allowing for different websites and domains to be hosted and a single server. After reaching a message to its destination, it sends a notice or ACK message to give acknowledgment to the original sender that their data has successfully been received. If there is an error in getting data, the destination host or clients sends a not acknowledged or NAK message to tell the sender to retransmit the data.

Who uses Apache server for web applications?

Over 67% of all web servers in the world are using Apache HTTP web servers. They are easy to customize, fast, reliable and highly secure. It makes Apache web servers the main choice by best-in-class companies.

The Final Thought!

Hopefully, you have now understood everything about Apache web app servers, from what it is and their features to its advantages and working process. If you need reliable and scalable Apache software for your business management, get in touch with a dedicated mobile app development company such as Appventurez! They have highly experienced developers who use advanced technologies to build web apps with Apache servers. Aslo checkmediacom packages

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