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Around 35% of all visible web gets powered by WordPress. This is a huge number. Millions of websites get registered over WordPress in a year. This makes it crucial for one to know how one can make the most out of a WordPress-powered website. According to Perfect Link Building (Backlink Services USA), the reason is its easy-to-use concept. You need to register, you need to download, and you need to install, and there you have your basic website ready. No wonder a WordPress-installed website is mobile-friendly, but still, around 95% of those fail to make an impact. What could be the reason? Here we put a few of those many factors that lead to a website’s doom. Apart from it, we will also tell you what you can do about it.

Why do you need WordPress for your website?

There are reasons why millions of websites choose WordPress to host their websites.

  • It is easy and requires almost no-coding.
  • It is responsive and adapts according to the device used for surfing.
  • It offers thousands of themes around.
  • It offers lots of useful plugins.
  • It is simple and elegant, and is perfect for blogging.
  • It can handle different media forms.
  • It provides many features that come helpful for tenderfeet upon these lawns of the internet.

These are reasons enough to back why WordPress gets searched around 3 million times a month. People across all the languages use it because it being available in almost 196 languages worldwide. WordPress-based websites, being easy and mobile-friendly, get higher retention rates due to high loading speed. There are suspicions if Google takes loading speed as a direct factor influencing ranking. But loading-speed indirectly impacts a website’s ranking. People expect a website to get loaded in 2-3 seconds, and they exit if a website fails to do so. It leads to a higher bounce rate and a low trust score. This brutally impacts a page’s ranking. This is why they suggest you keep optimizing your website for a higher loading speed and lower response time. Apart from it, there are things that one must do to help websites come aligned as per SEO.

Things you must do to help your WordPress website rank higher!

Having a WordPress website alone does not guarantee success. A million websites get hosted by WordPress biannually. Around 95% of these websites fail to make an impact.

An SSL certificate creates a sense of security.

We all love privacy and security, and with the digital age rising, this has become more crucial. Data privacy has become a concern and leading to protests. Having an SSL certificate for your WordPress website adds a layer of security between you and the user entering information in your website. Now Google is considering SSL to be a priority. Websites without an SSL certificate might get a cautionary badge to warn users about the website they are about to enter. Lots of hostings these days are providing free SSL certificates.

Don’t overuse Plugins!

Although plugins are one of the reasons that people opt for WordPress, they often end up using more than required. Plugins offer thousands of easy-to-use features, and this makes WordPress great. But using many plugins alongside impacts the loading speed of the website. Additionally, an incompatible or outdated plugin can lead to a page break. This is why it is advised to use plugins with caution.

Keep your content optimized

Many do think that a WordPress website does not need optimization, but it does. Like any, a WordPress website, if not optimized, does lead to a slower loading speed, poorly structured content, and lower SERP ranking. It is always advised to keep optimizing the content (including images or any other media) time by time. If this is too technical for you to handle, you might want to opt for an SEO agency. Like, Perfect Link Building (Backlink Services USA) has been helping its clients for years with its keen expertise in the field of SEO.

Don’t forget to delete the initial welcome pages

An initial page, or Hello page, is something that all the WordPress users get initially at the beginning. You must delete this sample page the right way, otherwise, it might end up getting fetched up by the search engines. The sample page should be deleted through Page Menu and the post through Post Menu.

Keep the WordPress and Plugins updated!

An outdated plugin can lead to page failure. This is why it is always advised to keep your plugins updated. Many plugins simply stop working when they are not updated by time. Suppose you are using a plugin to create an index, then that outdated plugin might simply stop loading the index on the webpage and the user might see nothing. Apart from it, updates bring crucial bug fixes and security fixes.

Learn how to use WordPress to get the added benefits

WordPress is so full of functions that many do stay ignorant to those many features it offers. It is like living in a beautiful villa but not knowing anything beyond one bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. Learn the basics of WordPress and then explore the different features it offers – they are there for a reason. Take any course to learn how to use WordPress, if you want. If WordPress and SEO are too technical for you, consider going for an SEO agency. It saves you the crucial time that you can invest in other vital things.

As per Perfect Link Building Backlink Services USA, a WordPress website is great for blogging. It does not load faster but also provides ease of use. But the competition is high and not many websites do make the mark. The main focus indeed should be to provide quality content, but SEO should never be neglected. Great content without SEO is like having a great shopping mall in the middle of some unknown desert. Feel free to Contact Us and know about how you can make people aware of your great shopping mall.

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