A Nine University Review – Is Amazon’s Free-Basics Program Sustainable Online Business?

The nine university review sites have created a buzz about a new program called, “Nine University Review”. This program is a seven-week long program that will train you in how to create your own internet marketing business. The nine university review websites have created a stir because they claim nine university ratings on the front page. The Nine University program is a seven-week program which enables you to launch an Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). There are so many such Amazon FBA programs online but this one really has stood out above the rest because of its high success rate and reported profits generated during testing. In fact, it is said that nine university ratings are on the front page because of its nine success stories, which is a remarkable achievement for such a new program. Apart from this, you can also visit in this regard.

So, what is so unique about this program and how does it stand out from other similar programs? A nine university review site is basically a platform where nine university experts from different areas to give their opinion about a particular product or service. It is considered a useful tool when used as a guide or reference for a particular topic.

Amazon Launched Marketplace

Amazon launched its first marketplace research tool called Amazon Refinery, a month ago. It Refinery is the second part of Amazon’s experimentation with experimenting with mobile apps and conducting product research. According to sources in the Amazon ecosystem, nine university experts have collaborated and came up with the Amazon Sustainability initiative. The nine university experts include Jon Edwards, a professor at Duke’s Nicholas School of Business; John Lawn, professor at the University of Auckland’s Graduate School of Business; Mike Griffith, director of communications at Duke; Mark Ling, a member of the advisory board at Singularity University; Kevin Keller, a principal investigator at Microsoft Research; and Alan K. Cole, a professor at Stanford. These nine university professors formed an expert panel for Amazon’s sustainability model.

Amazon Sustainability Program

Amazon’s sustainability program is designed to provide useful information to customers, which can help them make better buying decisions. The nine experts believe that customers are looking for more personalized experiences and the sustainability model taps into this need. The nine website review authors also believe that the free product will appeal to a free-market consumer base. However, Amazon’s mobile apps review emphasized that the user interface and services provided by the app may not be sufficient to compete with mobile commerce.

A nine university review panel has delivered its final verdict on the Amazon smartphone apps review. The verdict is that it provides a useful service to consumers. The nine university experts opine that the mobile apps are better designed for businesses rather than individual consumers. They also opine that more work needs to be done in terms of marketing the product to boost sustainability. In addition, it should not be considered as a panacea for businesses trying to boost their sales as they do so by reaching out to the target audience.

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The final verdict on the Amazon smartphone app review is that it is largely positive. However, two of the nine university scientists opine that more research needs to be done in areas such as marketing and promotion. They opine that further research needs to be done in areas like privacy and security. Further, the scientists opine that users of these phones would like to have access to features like being able to answer and share surveys. They also opine that further research needs to be done to verify whether or not Amazon’s social networking platform, the Face book group, is actually useful to consumers.


To conclude, the nine university scientists concluded that the Amazon for appears to be well designed for connecting potential customers with products offered by Amazon. They opine that the mobile app, for example, has many limitations, particularly its reliance on third-party networks. In addition, they argue that the sales estimations provided by third party companies may not reflect the true costs of implementing the program. Lastly, they opine that more research needs to be conducted in areas like privacy and security.

This is part three of a three part series on the Amazon FBA. In the article above, we presented our final verdict on the program. One part we described how it could boost sustainability for independent sellers. And in part two we offered a framework within which to analyze whether or not it was appropriate for entrepreneurs. In this article, we offer our take on the effectiveness of the program.

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