10 Celebrities Who Make Glasses Look Super Stylish

If the slaying looks of celebrities aren’t enough, they sometimes like to don a pair of glasses and take the style quotient up a notch.

Whether they wear them as prescription glasses or an accessory for the red carpet, some celebrities have become our eyewear inspiration. Glasses are not just optical devices anymore. People like to wear them to enhance their appearance or change their style.

While it is always fun to see our favourite stars in designer glasses, we can learn something from them and enhance our looks with glasses as well.

Let’s see which celebrities look smoking hot sporting a pair of glasses.

Hugh Grant

While the natural charm of the British heartthrob is enough to make any woman swoon, whenever he goes bespectacled, we can’t get enough of him.

Unlike other celebrities, Hugh Grant does not shy away from wearing glasses even in his movies. He doesn’t wear them to look cool or anything. He has a vision problem and cannot see a thing without his glasses. Glasses or no glasses, Hugh Grant is the epitome of British elegance and style.

Robert Downey Jr

You probably can’t visualize RDJs most iconic looks without glasses. He is often spotted wearing tinted glasses, tortoiseshells or clear glasses making every look work for him. He likes to wear the same pair of glasses as he did in Avengers. With his quirky personality and Avengers glasses, he has tricked us into believing that he is a real-life Iron Man.

Justin Timberlake

The American singer and songwriter sometimes like to put on a pair of thick black glasses making us all think that he is a different person. Although he wears them for his poor eyesight, we can’t help but fall for his glasses look. While he is bare-eyed on stage, we get to witness some of his most eyeconic eyewear moments whenever he hits the red carpet.

Colin Firth

Colin Firth is a true gentleman, a character trait that he often portrays on the big screen. He goes for chunky black glasses that have become sort of his signature style.

His glasses have only one style which is thick black-rimmed glasses in square shapes. This style is perfect for your nextprescription glasses onlineor maybe a fake frame. Whether you need them for vision or fashion, these glasses won’t let you down.

Kit Harrington

Kit Harrington aka Jon Snow may not know how to woo women but he sure knows his way around glasses. She likes to sport hipster glasses to add to his funky vibe and he looks damn sexy in them. Other times, the actor could be seen donning retro-chic round metal glasses. Whether a heavy fur coat or thick glasses frames, Jon Snow can pull off any look with ease.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Like his movie choices and reel life characters, Benedict Cumberbatch rocks every glasses style he sets his eyes on. Benedict has presbyopia and is often spotted in reading glasses. Dr Strange’s taste in fashion is not strange but rather simple. Where he likes to don sleek black frames on the red carpet, when he is going casual, he takes the help of thin metal glasses.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson is just like her character ‘Hermione Granger’ as she is smart and intelligent in real life as well. Someone like her with strong opinions and a powerful personality is a great influence on millennials. She likes to let her intellectual capability reflect in her glasses as well. She sports thick black rectangular frames with Plano lenses whenever she is not shooting a film or gracing the red carpet.

Tom Holland

The young lad and our very own neighbourhood spiderman Tom Holland lover tortoiseshell glasses. Where he wore stylish aviators in Avengers, in real life, he wears tortoiseshell circular glasses with a monochromatic look giving us all major fashion goals.

Miranda Kerr

The Australian hottie and former Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr is not a stranger to fashion. She knows how to look gorgeous in a simple white t-shirt or a figure-hugging dress. She could be seen taking the help of her favourite butterfly glasses for women to always look runway ready.


Rihana is not the one to follow trends, she likes to set her own. Our Bad Girl Riri rocks just about anything she wears and has a bold taste in fashion. Whether performing her hits for her fans or sporting a casual look at the airport, Rihana always scores a 10/10 for her style. Vintage cat-eye glasses, bold aviators or chunky oversized frames seem to her favourite. There is not a style that the R&B singer can’t make even more fashionable.

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