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Cosplaying is becoming one popular activity and cosplayers are proliferating. Many cosplayers are getting popular day by day and are promoting the Cosplaying Culture through social media. Some men and women recreate and sometimes improvise the appearance of their favorite characters and participate in Comic-Cons, movie launches, game launches, and gaming competitions to support their favorite game characters and gamers as well. 

Cosplayers are not only just individuals dressed up as characters anymore. Many cosplayers are brand ambassadors for games, movies, and entire fan clubs, some of them are models and actors who dress up as movie characters to support upcoming movies and perform on social media platforms to qualify for movie casts.

Others are makeup artists who are skillful individuals and can be seen creating some very creative SFX art and even body art that resembles a superhero or supervillain that you might have seen in a movie or anime. 

You can learn such makeup skills or even get inspiration from your favorite cosplayers using CenturyLink internet. The best thing about CenturyLink is that CenturyLink internet prices do not drastically increase and disturb your budget. Let’s have a look at the top gaming cosplayers that you might find on Instagram:

Alodia Gosiengfiao

Alodia is one of the top cosplayers on Instagram and is based in the Philippines. Apart from being a cosplayer, she is also a model, singer, actress, TV presenter and so much more. In 2003, she emerged as a star and traveled around the world as a judge for many anime conventions and as a professional cosplayer as well.

She also got the attention of many skin whitening brands, sushi bars in Japan, and clothing lines. She is featured by the UN as one of the most influential women in the Philippines.

Instagram Handle: @alodia 

No. Of Followers: 1,568,306

Amie Lynn

Amie started off with cosplaying in the year 2009 and had no idea that this will become her passion. Her life took a turning point when she performed a cosplay from Code Geass and became a professional cosplayer working and learning things like creating simple outfits on her own to creating something as complex as armor from the Final Fantasy series. For her cosplaying is more like a hobby and something that she does for fun.

Instagram Handle: @misshabit

No. Of Followers: 73,951


Animia is one of the most amazing cosplayers who started her journey as a model in the year 2001. She started cosplaying somewhere around 2008 and became famous for her creative and intelligent approach when it comes to cosplay costumes and cosplaying.

She is now one of the most recognized stars throughout the world and she travels around the world to judge cosplay competitions and as a professional cosplayer. One of the best things about cosplaying by Animia is that she combines modeling and cosplaying together. She has and made her way to magazine covers and also got sponsorships of many brands as well. 

Instagram Handle: @animiaofficial

No. Of Followers: 201,385

Jessica Nigri

Jessica is one of the best cosplayers from the US who has other talents too. She is a cosplayer, voice actress and model, fan convention correspondent, and a YouTuber as well. Jesscica started off cosplaying in the year 2009 and worked as a model since 2012 and got public attention for her 2009 viral video of the “sexy Pikachu” and as being the official spokesperson for the Lollipop Chainsaw and the Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.

Jessica Nigri has now emerged as one of America’s top 10 cosplayers and has also worked for different media outlets like Comic Book Therapy, RUGGED TV, GameZone, and many others. You can watch her getting featured in different music video advertisements, commercials and doing some charity work as well. 

Instagram Handle: @jessicanigri

No. Of Followers: 4,125,602

Ely Cosplay

Ely is a cosplayer based in Taiwan and has been cosplaying for the past 10 years. She is known for her attention to detail that stuns her fans especially with the SAO (Sword Art Online) Sinon that she does both in the real world and in games as well.

Ely is one of the high-end cosplayers who embody the characters that she portrays. She makes so much effort on her cosplays to give out life to three-dimensional characters. She started getting recognition starting from her cosplays that she did in Taiwan and East Asian countries and portrayed characters of Sakuya from the Touhou series.

Instagram Handle: eeelyeee

No. Of Followers: 780,578

Final Words

There are so many character arts fans and cosplayers who you can follow on Instagram and these guys make a lot of effort to make sure that they entertain their fans. You can also meet them at different shows and conventions that happen throughout the world as they come there to exhibit their work and meet their fans.   

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