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How Can You Transfer Avast To New Computer

Avast offers you the top antivirus and other security products. Installing Avast products on your computer will keep your device secure from all dangerous threats. Once you install the Avast products on your computer then you can surf the internet safely.

Avast 360 is one of the top plans of Avast antivirus. It is available for a single device as well as for multi-devices. If you want to secure your one PC or Mac then you can purchase the Avast 360 plus plan but if you want to secure your multiple devices with Avast 360 then you should choose Avast deluxe plan.

If you have Avast 360 on the device but you are no longer using that device then you can easily transfer your Avast subscription to another device. But you can only transfer it to the same platform. If you have the Windows setup then you can only use that set up on another Windows device. You can use that Avast 360 plan until you have its license. You can follow the given steps for transferring your Avast 360 license to a new device:

  • Open your PC and search for Avast antivirus
  • Go to the Avast website
  • Click on Sign In option
  • Now enter your Avast login details (Avast username and password)
  • Go to the Service page
  • Click on your Avast product

Now go to the Manage My Installs option. Click on the remove license option to remove the license from the system you are not using now. Hit the trash icon. You will receive a confirmation dialog box on the screen. Click on the OK button. Now open the device in which you want to install Avast antivirus. Go to Avast’s homepage.

Log in to your Avast account and you will get an Avast setup page. Click on the download Avast button and the setup will start downloading on your PC. Follow the on-screen commands for completing the download and installation process. Activate your plan with the Avast setup product. Now restart your computer and use your Avast antivirus.

Avast Features

Avast 360 have excellent security features like a real-time scan, PC cloud backup, virus protection, etc. These top features keep all the malicious threats away from the PC. The real-time protection feature checks your accessing files at the run-time. If any of the files carry any malicious content then it removes the malware immediately.

If the whole file is malicious then it will alert you and block the disable avast popup offers. You can also store your files on the PC cloud backup to protect your files from deletion and corruption. Avast stores your important data in encrypted form which means no intruder can get your data.

Avast 360 offers an advanced firewall that keeps your whole network secure from all unauthorized access. it has a special parental control feature that allows you to keep your kids secure on the internet. You can also allocate the fencing so you can easily determine your kids’ location. It also allows you to keep an eye on your kid’s browsing data. Avast 360 keeps your device fully secure from all the dangerous threats lurking around you.

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