7 Best Microphone For iPad (Good Quality And High Performance)

If you plan to buy a very good microphone for the iPad, We know that many people have used iPad for business, video games, etc., and also used YouTube videos, content creators. If you want components powerful, then you will need a powerful microphone or microphone. There are the best iPad microphone products supported by the iPad in this list.

Although the iPad/iPhone microphone is not bad enough to record audio and video recordings. However, if you use the device as a microphone or video camera, you need a good outdoor microphone. Thanks to an external microphone, you can increase the audio and video recording quality to a new level.


This high-quality microphone on the iPad will show the effect of a professional camera. This is lightweight, so you won’t feel that your iPad will become heavier after installing this device. You need something invisible, then this microphone is perfect. Due to its size, it can even be stored in the small pocket of a purse.

Rode Video Mic ME Price in Pakistan - Hashmi Photos Online

VideoMic is directly connected to the audio device of the device, and if necessary, you can connect it to the ear. Cost is US$100, but this is a professional microphone and it’s worth the money.


Rode IXY capacitor-used with iPhone and iPad to ensure high-quality recording. In the center of IXY, there are two capsule capacitors called heart-shaped capacitor capsules, which are adjusted at a right angle of 90 degrees to record reasonable sound. A windshield and protective cover for outdoor recording are added to the microphone.

Rode iXY Stereo Microphone (Lightning Connector) IXY-L B&H Photo

Rode IXY Condense is connected to the power connector. The price of IXY is of course amazing, but the sound quality recorded by this microphone is not a thing worth paying for.


Zoom iQ7-may be small, but it gives you everything you need to move from the viewer part to the professional part.

Zoom iQ7 Mid-Side Stereo Microphone for iOS Devices ZIQ7 B&H

IQ7 has two microphones. It records the sound in the directional position, and the side microphone records the local sound. The two microphones can be replaced as needed. Set 90 degrees directly as the focus of the interview, or rotate it 120 degrees wide on the stage.

You can also download the free HandyRecorder app from the App Store, which will add functionality and management to records, as well as edit and modify them.


Simply connect the port to the Light iPhone connector on the iPhone, and you can start high-quality audio recording immediately. 

IK Multimedia iRig MIC Field - Microphone |

Pocket electronic microphones can be used with most iPhones and iPads and used to record video and audio. The built-in headset real-time recordings, so any recording can be monitored in real-time.


The Aputure A.lav microphone is a button slot designed to provide studio audio quality for portable devices, iPhone and Android phones as well as iPad and any other recordings.

The equipment here is beautiful. There is an amplifier unit on the top, which has a battery, which can provide additional power for the microphone. This is necessary to reduce the noise level and increase output sound. It has 3 3.5 mm fasteners. The recorded sound can be sent to someone immediately, downloaded to DropBox or transferred to SHAREit.

Aputure A.Lav Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone A.LAV B&H

The only downside is that you cannot adjust audio settings during recording, for example, increase its volume (recording level) or change the format-the iPad has at least these settings. To solve this problem, you will need to use a third-party application in the App Store. For example, ALONDictaphone.


It is designed for Apple’s iOS devices, the two speaker microphones can also be used for recording with mobile devices-just connect the iM2W connector to the port of the device.

TASCAM Im2 White High Quality Stereo Microphone for iPhone iPad iPod Touch  IM2W for sale online | eBay

In the very precise position of the sound source, iM2W can rotate up to 180 degrees from front to back. For offline microphones in AB format, detailed recording images will be provided when recording internal sounds. IM2W has installed preamplifiers in internal equipment and small analog and digital audio equipment. The device can handle signals up to 125 dB without producing distorted sound. IM2W also has a recording limiter, which can eliminate loud sounds.

The trumpet mounted on the side allows you to quickly adjust the microphone volume. IM2W runs on your device, but you don’t need to interrupt a long recording session to charge the device because the microphone has a USB connector and can be charged from a computer or adapter. Whether you are recording live audio, using the app to play songs, recording repeated songs or collecting IM2W sound effects are easy to use and affordable.


Blue Mikey is a stereo microphone for iPad and iPhone. it has released a new version of its Mikey microphone, which allows you to convert your iPhone into recordings with good recording quality. There are many applications for simple recording through iPhone, but because the recording quality of iPhone is not very high / iPad itself has a microphone that can talk and will not record audio.


Blue immediately developed an application and a smart microphone for the iPhone to achieve high-quality recording and convenient use. It will record everything from large-scale performances to sound. Record lectures, audio recordings, live music, interviews, etc.

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