Top TV Series To Watch On Cable TV In 2021

Coming home to a TV that welcomes you with your favourite list of shows is EVERYTHING. Good TV shows are rare to find. Of course, you can opt for your favourite online video streaming platforms to binge-watch what’s available on them, but let us tell you that you would still not find as many options online, as much as on cable TV. Watch Ray Donovan is very famous in this profession.

Therefore, if you’re big on cable TV shows and you’re seeking to minimize the time you spent flipping to find something good to watch Ray Donovan, then this list is your guide for the best TV series out there.

Boardwalk Empire

Currently airing on HBO, which you can find in your Mediacom Cable TV channel lineup, this drama revolves around the 1920-30 era. It depicts the real-life story of Enoch ‘Nucky’ Thompson, played by Steve Buscemi, as he portrays how he ended up becoming one of the most popular figures of his time. 

True Detective

Another HBO series, and an anthology based on crime stories. The specialty of this show is the star-studded cast it brings in each season. The latest season sees Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali in the lead role. The story takes him through an investigation of a murder and disappearance with very close links to his own life.


This series is hands down the best psychological thrillers of our time. With its fair share of elements of suspense and espionage, this particular show has earned its cast a fair share of the spotlight. It is originally based on an Israeli series called Prisoners of War.

The story follows a CIA agent played by Danes, who monitors and investigates a prisoner of war who she believes has hostile intentions post his trauma.

The Wire

Another series of the crime genre. This one is just filled to the brim with talents like Idris Elba and Dominic West. It takes place in the city of Baltimore as the story and characters take you through an ongoing war on drugs. The unique part of this show is how well it depicts both sides— the police and the illegal drugs enterprise they are attempting to trace.

Watch Ray Donovan

This drama on HBO is the perfect depiction of the duality of life. Watch Ray Donovan, by profession, is a ‘problem fixer’ for anyone willing to pay the right price in LA. However, he finds that the only problems he can’t fix are the ones in his own family. The series takes nail-biting turns with star Liev Schreiber at the helm.


Ironically, this show has lessons for the whole family. The story follows a drunk, single father of six and his bare minimum exploits of being a father. What’s interesting about this show that has spanned over 8 seasons, is how the 6 siblings get through their lives.


Lately, there has been a surge in the interest in historic shows. Viking has capitalized on that trend by focusing its story on the Viking’s raids on England. Travis Fimmel takes the lead role as Ragnar Lothbrok. The show is an excellent depiction of a legendary era and the fascinating lifestyle of the Vikings.

Band of Brothers

Very few shows tell us the stories of World War II and Band of Brothers breaks that stereotype remarkably well. The series consists of only one phenomenal season, which has enabled it to grab a top 5 spot in the best TV series on cable.

The Sopranos

What makes a good crime series stand out is how it shows a criminal or crime lord as a normal human being. The Sopranos goes the extra mile by showing protagonist Tony Soprano as a struggling father trying to balance his family and work i.e. crime syndicates.

Game of Thrones

To call this series just a series is an understatement. What started as fantasy books has become an international phenomenon spanning 8 seasons, taking over the world with a buzz. This series is set in a fantasy medieval setting as it explores politics, hierarchal setup, and psychology of that time.

Let’s Get The Popcorn Ready!

It’s never too late to switch to cable TV if you want to enjoy some A-class, premium content. Streaming services are competing to take over an audience that still relies on TV. But, our guess is that this may be an effort in vain because at the end of the day, cable TV will always keep us hooked.

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