The Uses And Benefits Of An SD-WAN

When using SD-WAN, you can use the SD-WAN application software to automatically route traffic based on the requirements and constraints of your business. SD-WAN software can be used for various business applications such as video, voice conferencing, and high-bandwidth streaming. As SD-WAN explained above, its software can also assess your network’s capabilities in real-time and automatically route traffic based on these criteria. As a result, you can save a lot of money while improving application performance and QoS.

WAN Simplification

SD-WAN has the ability to manage network resources centrally. Network changes can be applied in near real-time across multiple sites. With an SD-WAN infrastructure, network managers can easily apply policy changes to various locations, minimizing the complexity of managing multiple sites. In addition, SD-WAN helps ensure the highest level of application performance. 

Business-driven SD-WAN solutions offer comprehensive end-to-end security capabilities. They should support a stateful zone-based firewall and orchestrate and enforce end-to-end micro-segmentation. Integrated with existing brownfield networks, secure SD-WAN offers migration from traditional WAN infrastructures to SD-WAN.

Cost savings

When using SD-WAN, cost savings are often attributed to its flexibility. In addition to its flexibility in network transport, SD-WAN can also deliver benefits such as QoS across network endpoints, unified communication collaboration, and application optimization. Cost savings from SD-WAN over MPLS can be realized across multiple locations and multiple networks.

Since SD-WAN works with multiple internet providers and a value-added reseller model, you can enjoy savings on both. Additionally, SD-WAN saves human capital and some of these savings can be returned on the monthly service. However, keep in mind that the cost savings may vary based on various independent variables.


To ensure optimal performance of SD-WAN, administrators must use Application Control and traffic shaping policies to manage network bottlenecks. Properly configured appliances will prevent data loss and packet drops. However, improperly configured devices will cause application access to slow down. For this reason, administrators should monitor data transmission and identify any packet loss before fine-tuning application access policies. For this, an SD-WAN Application QoS test is recommended.

In the traffic shaper, data packets are grouped into classes for transmission. Based on the class map, these packets are assigned to output queues. These queues are serviced according to the policies defined in the QoS map. The traffic shaping policy describes the bandwidth and priority of each group. In addition, the shaping profile is based on the outgoing bandwidth limit of the interface. Once these steps are done, QoS is enabled.

Application Performance

Monitoring your network performance is crucial to maximizing your end-user digital experience. By combining network visibility with application performance insight, businesses can set application KPI and baseline performance, choose the best vendors and select suitable sites to implement SD-WAN. But not all monitoring solutions are created equal. To ensure high-quality application performance, you must implement robust network-assisted performance management (NAPM) solution. A comprehensive NAPM solution can support various infrastructures, including public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid infrastructures. In addition, the most advanced solutions support diverse platforms, including hybrid, personal, and SaaS. Therefore, using the best NAPM solution is critical to ensuring high SD-WAN performance.

Centralized management

Despite the benefits of SD-WAN, there are still some challenges in deploying and managing it. One of the most significant challenges is managing the network across multiple locations. Traditional methods of network management are not scaled to meet the added complexity. Besides being inefficient, the manual configuration reduces productivity as experts must travel to remote sites to configure their networks. As a result, it has become difficult for network teams to meet the demands of their business.

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