Death scene cleanup service in California

Cleaning after death or crime is a non-standard service that belongs to infectious-dangerous types of cleaning. Unpleasant odors, secretions, etc., which pose a danger to human health, remain at the facility should be removed with the help of death scene cleanup service because only specialists know how to do cleaning work professionally using special chemical substances and equipment. The service is carried out following special requirements and  upon the completion of the cleaning work, a cleaning company issues a document that the facility does not pose a sanitary and epidemiological threat.

How the death scene cleanup service works.

  1. First of all, if any sad event happened in your apartment, for example a relative died or committed a suicide, you should call death scene cleanup service or leave a request on the site. They will call you back and clarify the scope and volume of work.
  2. With the call center of death scene cleanup service you can agree on the time and price of the services.
  3. The specialists prepare the equipment and safe chemicals and remove the object according to the checklist. Cleaning companies use only proven cleaning equipment, as well as the best cleaning products and consumables, certified in the US and fully compliant with safety requirements.

Cleaning an apartment after death: features of cleaning

Working in death scene cleanup service is not easy because it is not enough to know what tools to use, a professional needs to know certain cleaning procedures.

If the area is cleaned by an amateur, the biological waste can be simply washed off the surfaces and disinfected with some household chemicals, which does not give the desired effect  – the odors remain and the most dangerous thing is that pathogenic bacteria remain too that destroy the immune system and cause illness.

Competent specialists from  death scene cleanup service California know that microscopic cracks can form on each surface. Also, the cleaners take into account the presence of tile joints, linoleum, laminate or parquet joints. In addition, wood and laminate flooring can absorb any liquids deeply, so they will certainly take care of them.

What cleanup after death involves

• Cleaning up after the deceased is carried out by death scene cleanup service professionals using protective clothing, masks, goggles and gloves.

• The surface on which the body of the deceased was located is examined, possible leaks and leakage angles are identified, then the specialists select  detergents and disinfectants to carry out thorough cleaning.

• In difficult cases, contaminated surfaces are dismantled, cracks and crevices are washed and treated with a special composition.

• Items that have been in contact with the corpse are discarded or disinfected.

• General cleaning of the entire facility is followed by disinfection and deodorization.

• Waste is put into special bags, labeled and disposed of separately from municipal waste so as not to spread pathogens with rodents, animals and birds.

 Death scene cleanup service is carried out in compliance with the necessary security measures with the simultaneous destruction of all cadaveric toxins from the surfaces of the apartment.

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