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A funeral service is one of the most important ones for everyone. It plays a vital role in everyone’s life because we wish to say a final bye to the loved one in a proper way. However, it might be difficult to complete the rituals because the family has lost someone. Therefore, companies like the lethbridge funeral home offer services to perform all the rituals in a planned way. The main reason to utilize these services is that they ensure that all the rites are performed properly without any flaws.

Since the experience is extremely disturbing and unsettling the funeral services help to make the arrangement properly structured and well-coordinated. You can choose from different types of funeral services that make sure you offer a gentle and practical farewell.

The types of Funerals to choose from:

Any funeral service is based on the faith and the traditions the family follows. The main types of funerals are;

  • Burial
  • Cremation

Burial service:

Based on different traditions, a burial service is performed in the graveyard after the religious head performs the ceremony which includes prayer and songs. The family and friends of the deceased gather at the place of burial for the service and mourn the death. It is a very emotional time as the family gets to see the loved one for the last time. The body is buried by lowering the casket into the grave. The family sings and with the last prayer, the service ends. It is one of the most common practices yet it is expensive compared to the cremation service. The service providers will take care of everything from transportation to the religious ceremony.

Cremation service:

Today due to the environmental effects caused by the burial service most people prefer cremation service. The procedure turns the body into ashes through intense heat. It is more affordable and it also allows the family to decide whether to keep the ashes of their loved one or scatter them. In cremation service, the vital point is to complete the legal formalities properly. The family can have a memorial service in a personalized way to honor the life of their loved one.

Traditional Funeral Service

The most common funeral service is the traditional funeral service which generally includes the casket or the urn present during the service. This means it happens before the burial service and after the cremation service. It could also be considered a memorial service if the family chooses the cremation procedure and also hosts lunch or reception to remember the loved one.

The service mostly begins with a prayer and has songs in the service in the memory of the dead. These days people also try to offer tributes to the deceased by including some visual effects like videos or photos of the deceased as a remembrance to express their love. The traditional funerals are often led by a pastor who gives a sermon.

The Memorial Service:

It is an integral part of the entire process of the last rites. The memorial service is in remembrance of the deceased and it can be planned when the family is ready to share their memories. Generally, there is no time frame but in a few customs, the memorial service is conducted within a week of death. It is also led by the religious head or the pastor. The memorial service is more like a program which has everything planned from the beginning to end. For example; the beginning prayer followed by songs, then anyone who wishes to share their memories or offer tribute to the deceased, later the last prayer and vote of thanks by family members also may or may not be followed by lunch or dinner.

The funeral services are many and the family of the deceased can choose all or any of them depending on the budget. However, picking the service provider benefits the family as every event is planned and executed gracefully.

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