Schoolies Week: Continuing Australia’s Holiday Traditions For Graduates

Initially started in the 1980s in the Gold Coast, this celebration for year 12 graduates is prominent in areas like Byron Bay or the sunshine coast. Commonly known as “schoolies week”, thousands of high school students descend upon their favorite Byron Bay schoolies destinations and make the best out of their summer holidays. It also celebrates their first trip with their fellow students apart from the holiday experiences in college, like spring break. Moreover, it marks the perfect end to the high school years, making all those moments memorable and brimming with excitement.

Byron Bay As the Perfect Destination for Schoolies

Byron Bay is the second most popular destination for year 12 students, right next to Gold Coast, the hotspot for all the events planned for schoolies week.

1. Byron Bay is riddled with beautiful beaches and some of the best sandy shores on the East Coast.

2. Hundreds of apartments line the coasts and have the best views of many best beach spots in town. Many of these apartments will also have extra faculties for BBQ cooking, swimming and dance halls for parties. Not to mention how most will be just a ten-minute walk from the nearest town, so getting in touch with the nearby faculties won’t be much of a problem.

There are several things that students can do to make this the best Byron Bay schoolies week for them to remember. Start with these:

1. Take a stroll to the most iconic destination that overlooks the whole of Byron bay. The lighthouse offers some picturesque spots for teenagers to make some memories to bring home. Watch the sun as it descends into the blue ocean or the waves crashing into the rocks lining the coastline.

2. Care for some good old fashioned adventure? Try kayaking and get the adrenaline pumping. Test one’s mettle by braving the waves and paddling through the menacing waters without falling off. In the end, cool off the heat by hanging around with sea turtles and the dolphins.

3. Is kayaking too breezy? Well, then get ready to take things up a notch. Byron Bay offers the perfect landscape for skydiving, paragliding and hot air balloon activities. Make sure to hire a coordinator and prioritise safety before attempting them.

4. Speaking of the best beaches in Australia, there are loads of opportunities for kids to learn surfing and book a class for the week. Surfing is also the best option for those wary of kayaking and making the best out of the crashing waves in Byron Bay!

5. Before pumping up the night with parties and festivities, why not check out the local farms? Pet the farm animals, have some lunch and relax for the day. Recharge the electrolytes after a hard day of kayaking or surfing.

6. As the night rolls over, watch the coastal town come alive with lots of festivities and celebrations that Byron Bay has to offer. Celebrate an epic end to the school years with classmates and indulge in the fun in the most popular schoolie destination in Australia.

For the Parents:

Most parents dread leaving kids for a day or two in another city or town with limited supervision. But do not worry! Make sure to follow ahead with these pointers, and everything will be okay!

1. Get in touch with the coordinators and the school authorities and get a copy of the programmes and events scheduled. At least have an idea of where the events would be and where the children are most likely to hang around.

2. Keep regular communication with kids and coordinators. This does not mean to call them up every few hours, but a routine call once or twice a day would be good.

3. Talk to the kids and make sure that they understand the implications of going on such a trip. Make them aware of the things to do and what not to do, and if anything goes down, how to handle the situation properly. It doesn’t have to be a serious talk but a good talk nonetheless.

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