Why is customer/consumer care so bad in the USA?

The world economies are progressing at a fast rate and people no longer are oblivious to the deviousness of many sellers of both products and services. The customers however are more important than ever because they the hold power to turn information around, especially with all the tech involved. With intelligent customers into play, things are looking slim for firms that pay no attention to customer services.

Most companies in the USA have no proper methods to keep customer services in check but some do. For example, Internet Service Providers earn from a heavy set of customers who are reliant on the internet service. Only some like Spectrum go out of their way with facilities like charter bill pay, having a knowledge base, 24/7 call and chat support, technical support, and much more. But “why is there an overall decline in this service?” is what we will be exploring ahead.

Customer Focus – Renewing the Focus

Advancements in customers service have completely revolutionized the field. A decline in customer service satisfaction levels has been seen all over the United States. The focus has shifted away from customer service which is being provided in person, by phone, or on online platforms. Substandard customer service has slowly become the newly acceptable norm in the US.

Frequent Mistakes

What are the main causes behind this decline? One of the most common reasons is that businesses are repeatedly making the same mistakes. This can be linked back to a lack of investment in terms of money and time in developing customer service skills. The other major downfall reason is that customer service skills clash with very high sales expectations while employee performances are being measured by increasingly tougher scales.

Frequently, companies tend to act defensively whenever they are called out on providing poor services. the more commonly stated reasons are a tightening labor market, shortage of qualified and experienced employees. However, the lack of service commonly comes down to a major gap in the training which has been provided to the employees. By not investing in customer service, businesses are increasing their costs: it is more expensive to acquire new ones than to retain current ones.

Getting Customer Services Right

To change their customer service satisfaction levels, companies need to commit to improving their processes:

Finding out what their customers think: Utilizing a quick, 1 to 2 questions long online survey after the transaction to gather true and immediate customer feedback. Asking immediately allows them to express how they feel without giving them any time to filter their thoughts.

Investing in employees: By taking the time needed to ensure that employee training is being done properly to cultivate the required level of customer service skill set. By doing so, a company can immediately set itself apart from its competitors.

Understanding the customer’s journey: Do not try to replace humans with technology when it concerns customer services. Technology is not the blanket cure-all solution when it is not backed with a deep understanding of customer experiences. Unprepared use of technology can lead to worsening the customers’ journey!

Backing your statements with action: Companies need to realize that they need to be an integral part of the solutions. They can do this by raining the bar when it comes to customer service. Customers when they receive better services will share their experiences and demand better services from others as well.

Online Barriers preventing good Customer Services

As a default, customers are expecting bad service. It has become a subconscious acceptance due to facing and receiving bad services everywhere. This has resulted in them expecting even lower levels of services. One of the causes of this has been the declining face-to-face interaction – without any access to a person’s facial expressions and body language, the respondents are unable to understand and react as per the need of the situation.

 Also, with automation across the board – phone calls, chatbots, and computerized emails, customers feel like they cannot reach a human being and share their wants. This has resulted in customers accepting the fact that their interactions will only be sent to a human if a problem is encountered in the process. This is a very major change from the past when customer services used, to begin with facing an employee. To cater to the wants of the people, businesses can slow the replacement of humans against technology.

Conclusion: Becoming the Difference Needed

Customers have always deserved better service: especially when they are no longer expecting it. It gives businesses a very quick opportunity to set themselves apart from competitors simply by engaging in a very simple and integrated offering: personal customer services. This makes the customer feel special and not someone who is wanted for business sales but something much more important. So keep the hustle up.

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