Have You Been Arrested? What To Do When You’re In Legal Trouble

No one plans to get arrested. Whether you’ve broken the law knowingly or by accident, you’re subject to the same consequence: an arrest.

You can avoid extra trouble if you follow some basic steps from the moment you’re arrested to the moment you’re released on bail. Follow these basic tips if you find yourself in legal trouble.

Don’t Resist

Even if you did not commit the crime, do not resist arrest. There will be a time for proclaiming your innocence, but the moment an officer serves the arrest warrant is not that time.

When you resist the arrest, you run the risk of receiving another charge such as resisting arrest or, even worse, battery on an officer. Save your energy for court rather than wasting it on the arresting officer.

Know Your Rights

Invoke your rights the moment you’re arrested. You have two immanent rights you must remember. You have the right to an attorney, and you have the right to remain silent.

Do not say anything when an officer arrests you. Often when you say things, you end up incriminating yourself or making yourself sound guilty. Say nothing, and then the arresting officer and eyewitnesses can not use your words against you.

When the police attempt to incriminate you with pointed questions, tell them only a few things. Tell them your name and your address. Otherwise, say nothing until you have an attorney present and your attorney advises you to talk.

Get Help

Once you’re arrested, you will have the opportunity to make some phone calls. You will need to call a bail bondsman to arrange bail bonds. You should also call your family and your attorney.

Whatever you do, do not talk until your attorney has arrived. Your defense attorney is your best friend in this unpleasant journey. They have the experience and knowledge that will help you get the best outcome possible.

Prepare Yourself

Unfortunately, arrests cost money. You need to prepare yourself for your court day, and you need to prepare yourself financially if you want a good defense attorney.

Listen to your attorney. They will help you gather the necessary police reports and other evidence before your court date.

Mentally prepare yourself for the courtroom as well. The day will come when someone will accuse you of wrongdoing. Listen to your attorney, and maintain your composure.

Share Information

While you should not incriminate yourself by sharing any information with the police, you do need to make sure the clear or bondman has your correct information.

Double-check your address with the court clerk and bail bondsman. When the court sets your court date, they will mail the information to their most recent address. You need this information.

Avoid Legal Trouble

When at all possible, avoid legal trouble. But when you cannot, now you know what to do after being arrested. Follow these basic tips, and you’ll find yourself on the right side of the law soon once again.

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