7 Factors To Consider When Choosing Portable Generators

Did you know that only five percent of homes in the United States of America have installed generators? Generators are vital to have at your home if you live somewhere that experiences poor weather. You never know when your portable generator will save your life or keep your family comfortable.

There is a lot to consider when choosing portable generators for your family’s needs since there are a ton of options for generators to consider. Each of these has its own portable generator features and comes at its own price. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place to learn more about what to consider when you decide to get a generator from your portable generator provider.

Continue reading this article to learn about seven factors that you need to consider before you make your purchase.

1. Fuel Type

There are a number of different types of portable generators that run off of different fuel sources. There are even some portable generators that run off of solar power. The most common types of portable generators use either gasoline or diesel fuel for their power source.

The big benefit of going with diesel or gasoline-powered portable generators is that they produce the largest amount of watts. If the power goes out and your home needs electricity for your appliances then you’ll have no issues with continuing to keep things running. It is possible that you’ll even have enough power to run your HVAC off of your generator.

You’ll need to be ready to have some fuel stored away for keeping your generator up and running should you get left without power for a period of days. Solar portable generators are great because you can run them inside without putting anyone in harm’s way. They’re also silent, which is a nice change of pace compared to gasoline and diesel generators.

They produce much lower amounts of power compared to the other types of portable generators, so if you need the power to run your whole house then a solar generator won’t be a good pick for your home.

2. Pricing

Depending on the type and the size of the generator that you choose to get for your home, your price tag could be anywhere between $500 and $4,000. You’ll want to make sure that you get a generator that meets your needs while also fitting within your budget. A good way to do this is to compare generator prices and features.

When it comes to generators that use fuel as their power source, the more power the generator creates the more expensive it will be. This is especially true if you want a generator that will keep your lights and appliances on for days on end. Generators that use new technologies like solar power, as the titan power generator, will also be more expensive to purchase.

3. Power Output

The most important thing when it comes to the performance of a generator is the power output it is capable of. You’ll want to do research in order to figure out the power requirements to keep important appliances like your refrigerator running.

Most of the appliances in your home have labels or sticks that will help you figure out how much power they need to stay running off of your generator. It is also a good idea to talk with an electrician to get advice on the power outputs that they recommend for your home and generator needs.

Another important thing to think about is the basic needs that your household needs in order to survive during a blackout. This is especially important if you live somewhere that gets frigid winters as the temperature inside of your home will plummet the longer you go without power and heat.

4. Generator Performance

You should also do your research into how the different generators you’re considering perform. A great way to do this is by going online to different generator vendors and reading the online customer reviews for each type of generator that you’re interested in.

Most of the generator models that run off of gasoline or diesel will tell you how long the generator will stay running on one full tank of fuel. You’ll also want to look at the power outputs on continuous mode versus peak performance. You’ll want to make sure that the continuous power from your generator meets the needs of your home.

5. Portability

One of the great benefits of a portable generator is that it is mobile. This makes it the perfect companion for camping trips as well as tailgating at your favorite sporting events. Make sure that the generator you purchase is easy to move and load into vehicles. This will ensure that you can take it with you wherever you’ll need it.

6. Portable Generator Features

One thing that really sets some generators apart from the rest is the features that they bring to the table. There are features like automatic start and electric start for generators that run on fuel. Some even come with fuel stabilizers and an economy mode to help you get the most out of the fuel you’re putting into your generator.

Be sure to do your research into the different features that you’ll get with your new portable generator.

7. Safety

When it comes to generators, one of the most important things to consider is safety. This is especially true with fuel-powered portable generators since they produce dangerous exhaust fumes. This is where solar generators really set themselves apart. Solar generates can get placed and run inside of your home without putting anyone in harm’s way.

Make sure that your fuel-powered portable generator is in a place where the exhaust fumes will vent in the proper way while the generator is running.

Start the Process of Choosing Portable Generators Today

You never know when you’ll need your portable generator, but it is nice to have it when the power goes out. One of the keys to choosing portable generators is finding ones that will meet the electrical needs of your household. You also want to make sure that you stay within your budget when purchasing a generator from your portable generator provider.

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