5 Incredible Beverage Marketing Ideas

The worldwide beverage industry is worth more than $1.5 billion. Why not get a piece of the pie? Beverage marketing is key to selling more products and making you more money!

There are plenty of ways to get people to notice what you sell and to get them to try your beverages. But first, you need a marketing plan and a marketing strategy!

Here are 5 incredible beverage marketing ideas to get you back on track.

1. Beverage Marketing Begins With Packaging

Think about it. When shopping in a grocery store, do you stop and look at something because of how it looks? You are not alone.

Packaging is very important when it comes to beverage marketing ideas. You want your beverage to be crisp, clean, and colorful. You want people to know what they are buying.

Once you create your label design, use a professional for the printing process. Whether it’s water, soda, or beer labels, you’ll want a great look!

2. Be Human

Do you have any outstanding customers who talk about your beverages? A great marketing strategy for food and beverage marketing is testimonials.

Testimonials allow people to tell others why they like a particular product. As part of your marketing plan, ask people to take a short video on their phone and then post it to social media.

3. Seasonal Marketing

Is your beverage seasonal? Maybe you have a pumpkin-flavored beer or a watermelon margarita that you want to showcase?

Use the seasons as part of your beverage marketing. You can set up at bars, restaurants, grocery stores, and festivals to showcase your products.

4. Special Events

Trade shows, music festivals, fairs, and community gatherings should all be pieces of your beverage marketing plan. These types of events are a great way to reach customers and get them to sample your products.

You can hand out coupons and stage a contest to give away free beverage swag as part of your marketing strategy.

5. Social Media

Social media is, by far, one of the best tools for beverage marketing. Any marketing strategy must include social media. According to Pew Research, 7 in 10 Americans use social media daily, with many under the age of 30.

When it comes to food and beverage marketing, you must engage customers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Posting fresh, updated, and relevant content is key to spreading the message about your product.

As part of your marketing plan, you can discover how customers use social media and how they engage. You can learn the best time to post and what content gets the most ‘shares,’ ‘likes,’ and ‘retweets.’

Beverage Marketing Ideas

Five beverage marketing ideas include packaging, human, seasonal marketing, special events, and social media. Using all of the tips and tricks can make your beverage sparkle to gain more sales.

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