This Is How To Be More Confident In Yourself

Low self-confidence is an epidemic in our modern times. In fact, most Americans say that they aren’t comfortable in their own skin. Sicknesses have cures, and pounds can be exercised off, but how are you supposed to learn to feel comfortable in your own skin?

It’s a long journey to learn how to develop confidence in yourself. However, it’s entirely possible to learn how to be more confident in yourself.

This article will walk you through a few steps you can take to develop confidence in yourself. They’re not guaranteed to make you confident on their own, but if you keep them up and affect a positive attitude, you can very likely see a change.

1. Locate Your Strengths

There’s no better way to feel confident in yourself than to realize what you’re good at. No one can be good at everything but, more likely than not, there’s something you do better than anyone else around you.

Are you particularly musically talented? You might experience a lack of confidence at your job that you don’t love if your true talent lies in music.

Do you have a wonderful work ethic? You might feel like you’re underperforming if you work at a job that pays you the same no matter how hard you work.

Are you a great cook? If your day is so busy that you can never cook food for yourself, you might forget what makes you so great.

Of course, it’s not really going to completely leave your mind if you’re good at these things. However, you can put so much energy into other areas of your life that your unique talents slip into your subconscious.

Once you locate these strengths, try to design your life around them. You’re never going to feel as though you belong in your own skin if you can’t do what you’re great at.

Even one hour of a day of doing the thing you love is enough to boost your confidence. This will bleed into other areas of your life. Confidence at the thing you’re best at will prove to you that you can do other things as well.

2. Celebrate Your Achievements

This is similar to the above item. Many of the best ways to feel confident revolve around learning how to appreciate what you have inside you.

This isn’t about some gushy kind of “self-love” either. When you recognize the things that you have accomplished in the past, you’re better able to replicate those things in the future.

Celebrating your achievements as you make them helps you keep things in perspective. If you had a good day at work, don’t immediately jump into next week’s work, take some time to appreciate what you did.

This, in essence, is being good to yourself. There’s nothing beneficial about driving yourself crazy with perfection.

Celebrate your past achievements as well. It’s important to not live in the past, but it can be a big boost in confidence to remind yourself what you can do.

3. Get Some Exercise

We’re not here to tell you that going to the gym is going to solve all of your problems. In fact, trying to get the perfect body will probably cause you more harm than good as far as self-confidence goes.

However, there are proven mental health benefits of exercise.

Make time in your day to go out for a simple walk. Getting in touch with your city, suburb, or countryside is important to developing self-confidence.

One of the biggest causes of a lack of self-confidence is a detachment from one’s environment. This is the reason why the movie “Taxi Driver” resonated with so many people in the 1970’s. The central metaphor is someone in the most vibrant city in the world, who’s forced to watch it all from inside of a metal box (the taxi).

So get out into your environment!

4. Get a Mentor

We understand that this item might seem a little strange at first. Mentorship is traditionally associated with artistic and intellectual pursuits. How is someone supposed to coach you to become a more confident person?

Well, as you see in the items above, there are simple, actionable things you can do to increase your confidence. Despite what many people believe, mind and matter are directly linked. Because this is true, a mentor can work just like a personal trainer to make sure that you’re doing everything you need to do to stay confident.

Your mentor can remind you to exercise, celebrate your achievements, push yourself, reflect on the friends you’ve made, and exercise. They can also share with you

But where do you find a confidence mentor? Luckily, the internet has made it easier for people with these skill sets to find a client base. If you like how this sounds, read more here.

5. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

As Jean-Paul Sartre put it in his famous play No Exit, “hell is other people”. Unlike what many people believe, he didn’t mean it in a cynical, misanthropic way. What he meant was that getting trapped in the identity of others is hell on earth.

Make sure you don’t compare yourself to others. Only ever compare yourself to the earlier versions of yourself. With others, you never have the complete story of their lives.

You should also make sure that you don’t live your life trying to prove yourself to someone else. This can only result in pain.

Learn How to Be More Confident in Yourself

Confidence can seem like a fleeting, ephemeral thing. But at the end of the day, you can take steps to improve your self-value. Just like learning any skill, you can learn how to be more confident in yourself.

Locate your strengths, celebrate your achievements get out into your environment, get a mentor, and forego comparing yourself to others, and you’re far more likely to develop your self-worth.

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