What Is The Arthrostim And How Does It Work?

According to the American Chiropractic Association, chiropractors treat 35 million Americans each year.

If you are thinking about going to the chiropractor, you may have heard about an ArthroStim treatment.

But what is this weird handheld instrument? Keep reading to find out how it works and the benefits of using it!

What Is an ArthroStim Adjustment?

An ArthoStim is a chiropractic instrument that chiropractors use to help treat their patients. The ArthoStim creates a force on your body, and the chiropractor moves it around to make sure you get the best treatment. In fact, the device can give you a few ounces of pressure up to forty pounds.

Many people don’t like going to the chiropractor because they don’t like the sound or feeling of their joints or trigger points being popped.

However, with ArthroStim, you’ll feel completely comfortable because you won’t hear any cracking or popping sounds.

During the treatment, your chiropractor can adjust the amount of pressure depending on where they’re working on your body.

Because the machine is smaller, it can help chiropractors reach harder places as well.

How Does It Work?

If you enjoy the Koren specific technique, then you’ll love the ArthroStim instrument.

The adjustment will target neural receptors in an affected area. When it does this, the receptor will send a nerve impulse to your brain to let you know what’s going on.

When the brain receives that signal, it will send out self-correcting commands to help heal your body.

Who Should Get This Treatment?

If you don’t have high pain tolerance, this treatment would be perfect for you since they can adjust the treatment.

It is more gentle and doesn’t cause any pain, so it can also be great for the elderly, children, or even infants.

If you are experiencing acute pain, you may not want to have a manual adjustment, so you could opt for this option instead. Even if you don’t have acute pain, some people just don’t enjoy being adjusted manually.

It can also be great for people who are stronger or larger because it can be difficult to do a manual adjustment on them.

What Are the Benefits?

Using this method of adjustment can be great because it’ll give you dramatic and quick results.

It’ll also feel more comfortable since it’s non-invasive and virtually painless. It doesn’t have a lot of force unless you want it, but it’s also precise and targets the right areas.

Many people who suffer from arthritis also say that it could help to relieve their pain.

When many people receive this treatment, they say that they feel more relaxed, at ease, and have a better overall sense of wellbeing.

Learn More About How ArthroStim Works

These are only a few things to know about how ArthroStim works, but there are many more things to keep in mind.

We know that going to a chiropractor can seem scary at first, but we’re here to help put you at ease.

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