Sip On This: 6 Tips For Choosing The Best Water Filtration System For Your Home

Do you want to ensure you have clean water at home?

Over half of American consumers care about the safety of their drinking water. Unfortunately, only a few take steps to address the matter. Investing in the best water filtration system is the answer.

How do you pick the right water filtration system for your home? Here are six steps to follow when choosing home water filters. Read on and get cleaner water today.

1. Determine What You Need

Determine the type of filter you need. There are two main types of water filtration systems. The first is for filtering your drinking water, while the second covers all the water inside your house.

If you pick the former, you need a point-of-use system. For the latter, you need a point of entry system. Regardless of your choice, expect the best water filtration system to eliminate different kinds of contaminants.

2. Understand the Filter Technologies

Water filtration systems also feature various technologies. Some systems use activated carbon to attract impurities.

Ceramic filters use tiny holes to filter impurities. This type of filter only works against bacteria and protozoa.

Meanwhile, reverse osmosis filters feature a semi-permeable membrane. It blocks all particles larger than water molecules.

Other filtration systems use distillation. It involves boiling the water, separating all contaminants. Check out for quality water filter options.

3. Size Matters

Consider the size of the filtration system you need. A large filter boosts your home’s water supply. It also translates to longer service intervals.

The ideal size for an average home is around 4.5″ by 20″. For bigger houses, the filtration system should have a 25gpm flow rate and ports measuring 1.5 inches.

4. Find Out Your Home’s Flow Rate

Flow rate pertains to the amount of water passing through your appliances and dispensers. Determine the flow rate of your showers, heaters, dishwashers, and toilet. Pick a water filter matching your calculations.

Avoid buying a water filtration system with a lower flow rate than you need. It can result in poor water pressure.

5. What’s In Your Water?

Your drinking water contains different kinds of contaminants. They may come as either sediment or organic materials. Sometimes, they are chemicals like bleach, salts, metals, and toxins.

Some contaminants can also be biological. Viruses, bacteria, and protozoa are common examples. Determine your water composition and choose the best filtration system to eliminate these impurities.

6. The Best Water Filtration System Comes with Certification

Lastly, the best water filters come with NFS certification. It’s proof the filtration system meets strict public health standards. The product must pass thorough inspections and evaluations to earn the NFS certification.

Ensure the Safety of Your Household

Choosing the best water filtration system ensures the safety of your home water supply. However, water is only one of the key aspects to cover. Improve home safety by learning the best water filter contractors around.

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