Are You A Bride-to-be? Here Is Your Jewellery Guide

Jewellery Guide! Being on the brink of our wedding can always be overwhelming in a lot of ways. Be it the new relations that we get introduced to, the lifelong changes that we welcome warmly, the truckloads of shopping we do, and scores of rituals we indulge in. When time is ticking, we only wonder had there been ready to read guide on what wedding Jewellery to choose. Well, there is one now! We all know that wedding Jewellery always holds a special place in our heart and they are something that we take along for generations. Different brides have different goals when it comes to buying a wedding Jewellery guide. While some like overloaded, design populated, traditional necklace designs others favour subtle, simple and long gold necklace design. But, whatever may be your taste here are a few tips on what to invest in that will be kept to the best use.

Jewellery that you can wear

It is a myth that wedding Jewellery cannot be worn regularly as they are heavy, conventional, and customary well that is not true when you do your research before buying them. It is important to have one or two traditional items but the entire wagon of wedding Jewellery can be carefully selected for you to enjoy them even as a regular adornment for example: select a simple nallapusalu mangalsutra design that can be used regularly in the office or at home instead of a heavy long double-layered mangalsutra. The simple one can be a gleaming short diamond mangalsutra that is both traditional and sophisticated at the same time.

Jewellery that you can pass on

While it is good to choose simple Jewellery, heritage Jewellery is also as important as simple ones. They are the ones that come to our rescue for functions, temple visits, other wedding ceremonies, house warming functions, and during countless festivals that we celebrate day in and day out. For example, it is best to pick a grand necklace that is intricate, made in classic workmanship like Antique, or pachi, or temple Jewellery that are timeless. These are the ones which can be simply passed on to the future generations too. A more delightful name to them would be Estate Jewellery.

Jewellery that is put to good use

When we say putting jewellery to good use, we are indicating the latest multi-use designer jewellery that can be transformed into various other items. For example interchangeable earrings, 5-in-1 Vaddanams that can be turned into a locket, necklace, haram or a simple choker in a snap or a baju bandh that transforms to a choker, or a short necklace that detaches to a bracelet. Such type of Jewellery can be explored online and can also be customized to your taste and preference.

Jewellery that will last

Choosing intricate designs is just one side of the coin, on the other side we ought to choose designs that need less attention, low on maintenance, designs that are effortless and sturdy to last long and for years to come.

While each wedding is different, so is each bride and her outlook towards buying Jewellery. But what should always remain at the back of the mind is how well we put our timeless wedding Jewellery to best use and not lock them away in lockers for their entire future. So, in all the overwhelming wedding preparations do not put the selection of Jewellery at the back seat.

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