What Factors Impact Solar Panel Output?

Did you know that around 4 percent of homes in the United States of America get their power from solar panel production? Solar panel systems are a great way to make the most of renewable energy sources in order to provide power to your household. They’re a cost-effective option that will help your bank account along with Mother Nature.

If you’re planning on living off-grid and using solar for your energy needs then you need to understand how solar output works. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place to learn all about solar performance and solar energy output for your home’s solar needs.

Keep reading this article to learn about the factors that impact your PV system efficiency today!


In most cases, having a lot of shade surrounding your home is a good thing since it keeps the temperatures in and around your home lower. These trees also provide protection to your home during severe weather and high winds. Still, they also cast long shadows that could have a negative impact on your home’s solar output.

You paid a lot of money up front to get your solar panel system, but shade will impact your solar performance and prevent you from getting a good return on your investment. You don’t need to cut down the trees but look for branches that you can trim in order to allow your solar panels access to the sun’s light.

Weather and Climate

Another big thing that will impact your solar output is the weather and the climate in your area. Extreme weather will have adverse impacts on your solar output since the cells in the solar panels operate at peak capacity in a certain temperature range. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that higher temperatures result in more effective solar panels.

If anything, high temperatures could damage your home’s solar panel production. You also need to think about the impact that a sudden snowfall will have on your solar panel efficiency. You need to take time to remove snow from the solar panels to allow for energy collection.

Try to keep the snow around the solar panels because it attracts more energy due to its brightness. Your solar panels will collect more sunlight due to the snow as long as it isn’t on the panels. Blue Raven Solar provides expert advice when it comes to maintaining your solar panels through severe weather.

Roof Angle

The angle of your home’s roof also has a big impact on your solar performance. The best direction for your home’s roof to face is south since your panels will collect the most sunlight possible throughout the year. Make sure that you work with a solar energy installation company to get help with positioning your solar panels in the right spot.

There is also an ideal angle for your roof to be at if you plan on installing solar panels. The ideal slope or angle is between 30 and 40 degrees. If your home or building has a flat roof then the installer will use a special bracket to ensure that the panels are held in place at the correct angle.

Type of Solar Panels

The type of solar panels that you installed in your home will also impact your solar output and performance. The best type of solar panel to get if you’re concerned with solar output is the monocrystalline solar panel since it is much more efficient. Thin solar panels are the least efficient but they’re the thinnest so they might be a good fit for certain situations.

Another viable option is the polycrystalline solar panel, though many homeowners dislike the blue tint that these solar panels have. You can get a lot of solar output with a polycrystalline solar panel installation but you’ll need a lot of roof space to accommodate the panels. If you have a smaller roof then you should get the monocrystalline solar panel option.

Solar Accessories

Your solar panels might do a great job at collecting solar energy but it’s all for nothing if your solar accessories can’t keep up. Make sure that you’re getting quality inverters and cables for collecting and harnessing the sun’s energy. You’ll get better solar performance if you use the best accessories that are compatible with your solar panels.

Solar Tracking

Many people make the mistake of thinking that solar panels are static or stuck in one place. There are solar panel mounts out there that track the movement of the sun and move the panels to collect as much solar energy as possible. Dual-axis solar panels are great for extending the amount of direct sunlight that your solar panels face each day.

You won’t need to worry about getting the maximum level of exposure and improving your solar panel efficiency. It eliminates shadowing and helps your panels face the sun as it moves across the sky.

Roofing Material

The roofing material that you use under the solar panels has a big impact on solar performance. The roofing material that is high in iron will help you collect more solar energy since it has high irradiance compared to shingles and tiles. Consider the roofing material of your home when you’re deciding if you should get a solar panel system.

You also need to think about the color of your roofing when it comes to solar performance. Dark colors for roofing tend to increase the temperature which means that there is a negative impact on the efficiency and performance of your home’s solar panels.

Start Boosting Your Solar Output

If you’re moving towards getting a solar panel system for your home’s energy needs then you need to view the big picture of solar output and solar performance. Little things like your roofing material and the pitch of your roof will make a big difference when it comes to solar energy output. You should also make sure that you’re using solar accessories that are compatible with your panels.

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