What Are the Different Types Of Subwoofer Boxes?

Subwoofers bring our favorite music to life. Driving and music are intertwined, and the road feels better when accompanied by the powerful bass. Techno, drum and bass, dub and reggae. They all call for a sub, and it needs a box.

But what types of subwoofer boxes are there? What are their differences? Which are the best subwoofer boxes?

Read on for your subwoofer box guide. Let’s get bouncing.

Sealed Types of Subwoofer Boxes

A sealed subwoofer box produces deep and precision-driven bass. It works its magic by using an airtight box that prevents any precious bass from escaping.

They suit music with flat responses and deeper bass tones. They suit jazz, classical, and pop music. They are the easiest to put together, but they do have drawbacks.

They can require more power than other types of subwoofer boxes. And your amp needs to match this wattage for best results. But their bass response will get you moving.

Subwoofer Boxes with Ports

Vents or port systems work with this type of subwoofer box. They pull out the low-frequency response from your amp. This makes them perfected for metal and rock music, which, of course, are perfect for road trips.

They are common in home system setups. But they are perfect for your car subwoofer too. They need less power than sealed subwoofer boxes.

These types of subwoofer boxes can be tricky to set up. It can be best to check with a pro before you try it yourself. You spent a lot on that subwoofer after all.

Bandpass Subwoofer Boxes

These types of subwoofer boxes need more space. So go check your trunk space before you buy one. But they give you a lot of bass for that increased size. If you want to feel your music in your bones, this is for you.

Their bass volume is louder and it hits hard. It is perfect for drum and bass, dub, hard rock, and bass-heavy music. These are often the best kinds!

They are similar in design to sealed subwoofer boxes, but its front has an extension, like a mini ported subwoofer box. Sealed sub box at the back, ported sub at the front.

Now you’ve chosen the best type of subwoofer, you need the right sub. lightweight, moving-system subwoofers like Deaf Bonce could be for you.

Ready to Pump Up the Bass?

We hope you enjoyed our guide to types of subwoofer boxes. The right subwoofer box can amp up the power of your subwoofer. And you’ll feel it when you hit the road.

Up for more auto, motor, and entertainment tips? Course you are. It is what brings us to life, and knowing all about it helps you choose the best. And we have what you need.

Check out the rest of our site. In the meantime, turn that bass up, let’s get moving.

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