This Year’s Top Offerings From Smith Optics

Knowing what goggles to invest in is a task you should put some thought behind. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of options available to you, one of the best ways to narrow the selection is by looking at the top brands. Names like Smith Optics deliver quality products that both meet industry standards and consistently exceed customer expectations. Take a look at the top Smith goggles for the coming year and find a fit that works for your needs.

Prophecy OTG

When you rely on prescription glasses to see, putting the wrong goggles on can be a huge impairment. Goggles that aren’t crafted for use with prescription lenses can lead to distorted or obstructed views, which can cause a number of problems when you’re engaging in intense outdoor activities. Thankfully the Prophecy OTG uses over-the-glass tech so that these safety goggles sit right over your prescription glasses without causing issues with your vision. 

Knowledge OTG

The last thing you want when you’re barrelling down the side of a mountain on your skis is for the heat of your breath or body to fog up your goggles. Unfortunately, this happens more often than you might think. Since this can easily lead to a serious injury or worse, you want to invest in goggles like the Knowledge OTG by Smith Optics. The Knowledge is designed to feature a ventilation system that keeps the goggles free of fog and the entire experience comfortable from start to finish. 


The concept of “bigger is better” does not always hold true. This is proven in the design of the I/OS. Though many goggles for safety purposes are crafted to be on the bigger side, the I/OS takes the opposite route. The smaller fit of this safety eyewear option is packed with the latest and most useful tech for intense outdoor activities like snowboarding or skiing, so you can trust that the small size still carries its weight on the mountain!


When it comes to picking out goggles for safety purposes, clarity is one of the top factors to pay attention to. You will be able to guarantee this quality with an excellent option like the IO MAG XL. The advanced tech used to craft the lenses increases both the contrast and color of the world around you, delivering a crisp picture that helps you see every detail as you speed through the snowy scenery. The interchangeable lens system allows you to switch out lenses to fit whatever light conditions you encounter.


The Transfer is one of the more popular options offered by Smith. Available in standard and XL models, the Transfer delivers the same quality that all of Smith’s products have come to be known for. From the polarized lenses to the comfortable fit of the frame, you can bet this is an option that will deliver when you need it most.

Finding the right goggles for your lifestyle is usually made a lot easier by looking over the best options from the most trusted brands. Take time to review what Marvel Optics has to offer from Smith Optics and discover safety gear that fits your needs.

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