Small Business Advertising Done Right With Custom T-Shirts

Each year, billions of dollars in custom t-shirts are pumped out as an effective tool for small business advertising. In fact, during the 2020 pandemic, businesses kept spending on this tool to the tune of $3.64 billion.

They know that custom t-shirts get their business seen and promoted with little effort or cost.

In the following article, we explore how to make this innovative method work for you. Let’s begin!

Find Influencers

There are two places to look at when promoting your business using influencers. First, look at local influencers and those online who coincide with your specific niche.

Businesses that are geographically centered should get involved in their physical communities. Learn who the movers and shakers are before handing out those custom t-shirts. Show community pride, and your local influencers will embrace you.

Promoting online means finding influencers in your space. Reach out to influencers or their agent with a little about yourself, your business, and your offer.

Get Into the Right Events

Smart advertising doesn’t occur strictly online. Even in a post-lockdown environment, events still matter to helping you spread the word. That’s because you can get your custom t-shirt designs in front of a large targeted audience at one time.

Figure out when the next big events are. Rent space. Come prepared with plenty of inventory. Taking proactive steps to get into the right events will set you up for success.

Do Giveaways

Run smart promotions through your social networks or email distribution list. Pair your shirts with other products. Make your prizes care packages to generate more enthusiasm for everything you send out rather than just making it about giving away t-shirts.

Embrace Social Media

Make your social networks more than just one big spammy advertisement. Post frequently with infographics, article links, original content, and visuals that people who follow your industry will find compelling.

Not every post you do on social media has to have a prominent call to action, but it should demonstrate an understanding of the audience. When you go this route, it’s easier to increase engagement.

Try Different Designs

Smart marketing is also about diversifying your revenue streams and product offerings. As a company with custom t-shirt designs, you’ll want to try out several to see what resonates the most with your target audience. Follow their interests.

Spring For Quality

Last but not least, don’t simply do what others are doing in this space. Instead, think of your shirts as a walking billboard that you will use to make your business stand out. You can’t do that with cheap materials and uninspired designs.

Always spring for quality first. Instead of just producing a bunch of screen-printed shirts, try out more sophisticated techniques to give your designs dimension. Custom embroidery prices, for example, are more affordable than you think, and the results will hold up as a hallmark of quality for much longer.

Custom Shirts for Small Business Advertising

Doing custom shirts is a smart way to market your business, no matter what your industry is. Add it to your small business advertising repertoire, but use an approach that places quality over quantity, experiments with innovative ideas, and engages the right people.

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