Best Online English Courses for Students in India

English is the most widely spoken language in the world and often described as a language, which keeps the world interconnected with each other. The importance of the language can be understood from the fact that employers list the ability to have strong communication skills in English as one of the priorities for potential employees.

India is home to almost all the top global corporations of the world, and it makes the knowledge of English even more important. A remarkable feat of English has been that there are more number of non-native speakers of English than the total number of native English speakers. Below mentioned is a list of renowned institutions, which offer few of the top English speaking courses.

  1. Doubtnut

One of the best structured English learning programs is offered by Doubtnut. One can try out their free trial period to gauge its course and experience for themselves how the curriculum is structured and delivered. An important part of Doubtnut is its online learning content, that takes real world videos, such as news, talks, music videos etc and transforms them into an educative learning material. Unlike conventional methods of imparting the knowledge, that are grammar rules focussed, utilizes an immersive approach. Through this, students are exposed to the practical learning methods of English speaking, delivered by experienced spoken English tutors. The concept is that along with reading, one must also watch how English is spoken by the speakers of the dialect. It also helps by ensuring that these videos are encoded with interactive subtitles, where the user can click on words to understand its meaning in the context of the communication. It is particularly beneficial for students on ones speaking skills as it empowers you to feel confident about the language and its pronunciations.

2. Coursera

Coursera is one extremely popular platform for Massive Open online Courses (MOOC). These courses are offered by the top universities across the world and often feature links to their recorded lectures, which were covered in a university classroom. Some of these courses are free while some of them are paid for, and offer a certification as well. Thus, coursera offers many learning opportunities for students of English. There are courses on offer by Georgia Tech, MIT and other top universities and the duration of these courses can range from a few weeks to about 6 months. One can always choose the course based on the current knowledge levels.  Many of these courses are tailored to business English and it helps teach how to create the correct profile. Courses on this platform are perfect for building confidence as well as for career advancements.

3. Oxford Online English

If one is on the lookout for tailored English lessons in order for one to become a better speaker, then Oxford Online English is the perfect solution for them. They offer a plethora of English courses, including those that are focussed only on speaking abilities. The advantage here is that these video lessons are delivered by a native speaker on Skype or Google Meets or even ZOOM. In Addition, at the culmination of the class, the teacher will give you a personalized feedback and highlight areas which need to be improved. They offer flexible pricing and one can always go through their free trial videos to evaluate the suitability of their courses.

4. Spoken English Course

Spoken English Course offers English learning, catered to suit your pace and a curriculum designed flexible enough to match your requirements. They have a lot of learning resources and all their study materials are free. The online lectures and materials covers every aspect of the language, including grammar, conversations, examination preparation, speaking etc. Although the course caters to all level of learners, it is particularly good for beginners and intermediate self-learners of the language.

5. Creativa

Creativa offers an ‘English for Business Video Calls’ course. This course is suited for advanced learners of the language who are looking to enhance their communication skills, with focus on Business English. It is also useful for boosting their employability chances with global corporate houses. It is the most recommended course Business English. One can schedule video classes for interview preparation and promotion interviews. Creativa offers finest, creatively produced videos for learning English and business communication skills. 

6. Swayam Courses India

These are also MOOCs which have been developed as a Ministry of Human Resources & Development (MHRD), Govt. of India. Like Coursera, here, one can find video lectures delivered by the best professors across the top-tiered Indian universities. There are a wide range of subjects to choose from, however Communicative English, and Business English courses are the most sought after. Registration and learning for any of the course, is free, however if one wants to gain certificate, then one must pay the examination fee and participate in the End semester examination. The courses come with assignment submissions, discussions, interactions etc.

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