How To Listen To Podcasts On Your iPhone

How to listen to podcasts on your iPhone, or any other Apple device, is pretty easy. First off, you have two choices when it comes to how to listen to podcasts: Listening to them through the iTunes application or using the app. The latter is what many people prefer. You can simply download the free version of the Podcasts app and enjoy your show downloads from there. However, if you’d rather be able to listen to your podcasts right from your iPhone, you can do so with the iTunes application.

Unfortunately, Apple has not made it easy for podcast creators and listeners to be able to find and share podcast files. Although they are a great help to those who are looking for new and interesting podcast topics, Apple has limited their bandwidth in terms of where and how the podcasts can be listened to. They have also limited how many podcasts can be downloaded at one time. This has resulted in many people wanting to create their own podcast and not be limited by Apple’s requirements.

Luckily, this problem is easily rectified. There are now dozens of third party podcast listening apps available for both iOS and iPhone. These third party podcast listening apps allow anyone with an iPhone or a computer with an internet connection to enjoy thousands of different podcast channels. They offer an open-door to how to listen to podcasts on your iPhone just as easily as they would through iTunes.

These third party podcast apps let you easily browse through all the podcasts that are available to you. You can even sort them by categories. This makes it very easy to start listening to the podcasts that you know you’ll enjoy. Some apps will even let you listen to individual podcasts, while others will allow you to listen to entire shows. You can also manage your subscriptions through the apps just like you would through iTunes.

One of the biggest advantages of listening to podcasts through these third party applications is how easy they are to delete. If you’re listening to an older podcast episode, you may need to go back to the podcast app to find out how to listen to podcasts that are no longer available. Even if you happen to enjoy that podcast, there may be reruns that you missed. If you have multiple subscriptions, you may have to go into each one to find out how to listen to podcasts. When you get to the podcast episode, you may have to go back to the other application to delete the old podcast.

An even bigger advantage to listening to podcasts through these third party applications is how quickly you can switch from one channel to another. When you use your phone’s built-in podcast listening app, the process can be very slow. Instead of looking at a screen to find that podcast you want to listen to, you have to move your fingers around the touch screen to locate each icon individually. If you use a third-party podcast app, all you have to do is tap on the podcast title and you’ll go directly to the podcast you want to listen to.

There are many more advantages to using podcast apps for listening to podcasts. In addition to being able to jump from one channel to another quickly, you also have access to recommendations. If you enjoy listening to podcasts, but don’t know where you might find new ones, you can tap into the recommendations offered by the podcast apps. The podcast app will suggest new podcasts based on what you’re listening to currently. You can then listen to these podcasts as many times as you want and never miss an episode again!

Of course, the main advantage to how to listen to podcasts on your iPhone – getting to tune in to your favorite shows whenever you want – isn’t something unique. Almost every portable media device available today has some version of a podcast app that you can use with your television. Even the newest cell phones offer this convenient feature!

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