What Are The Various Benefits Of Using Reusable Shopping Bags


We all know and see how the usage of million plastic shopping bags is constantly harming our planet. There are various environmentally friendly campaigns that educate people to stop using plastic bags but people are not taking it seriously. Plastic uses barrels of crude oil in its manufacturing and all numbers alone do not make a pretty picture. Just think about how much plastic bags are manufactured and all these completely end up in landfills for a hundred years.

We must act on it now as otherwise it will just be continuing to pollute our land and water with all of these plastics. There is always a solution and the time has come to start using eco-friendly materials. To make our environment safer, we must use eco-friendly shopping bags. We all need to make a habit to bring such bags whenever we go to the supermarket and shopping centers. We must contribute to minimizing plastic wastes. There are many benefits of using these reusable cotton mesh produce bags and some of them are:

  • Natural resources such as crude oil and petroleum are used to create all those plastic shopping bags. When we switch to cotton fabric-based bags, there will be less demand for plastic bags. This means there will be less plastic pollution and along with that, since plastic bags are made from natural resources, we will be participating in conserving our natural resources.
  • Eco-friendly bags are new fashion statements that you can take out for shopping. There are many companies that are designing reusable shopping bags in different sizes, colors, styles, and designs. So, you can either buy the reusable bag you want or you can even personalize it your own by using colorful threads.
  • You can use these shopping bags again and again and for different purposes. They are more durable than paper and plastic bags and last for even hundreds more uses.
  • There are many supermarket stores that give credit or discounts to customers who bring their own shopping bags to the store. In this growing trend among supermarkets, you need to shift to reusable bags instead of the typical plastic kind. Be a part of this initiative by using your own bag and you will have something like a bonus from your shopping.

Why You Should Prefer Cotton Mesh Bags?

Cotton mesh bags are made up of the 100% organic cotton which is a large part in consideration of how green a fabric actually should be. Cotton is the most eco-friendly material that people use. Here are a few reasons why cotton is the most environmentally friendly material: 

  • Natural Fiber
    Cotton is a 100% naturally growing fiber and no chemicals are needed whereas plastic uses a lot of chemicals and resources in its manufacturing. Cotton is readily available in our environment and why we should not start using it as a bag. We must use a natural resource that can be grown and harvested to manufacture fabrics.
  • Reusable
    After the cotton is manufactured, it is sewn into the final product. It can be reused over and over again in different forms. It is the most durable material and it is easy to clean. You probably wear a cotton shirt and before it wears out, you can make them cotton bags. Bags can be reused for different purposes without showing a sign of wear. Whereas plastic bags have a very limited life-span and they cannot be used after 2-3 uses and you need to throw them away.
  • Biodegradable
    Cotton is known as one of the best materials because of its biodegradable properties. You can use it multiple times and the fabric will break down easily to its original state of waste in the ground.

Cotton is a natural, reusable fiber, and comes with biodegradable properties. So, cotton is the greenest fabric available and the most eco-friendly way to save the environment. A lot of people claim to be eco-friendly for different reasons but one must stop using plastic bags if they really care about the planet. Say a big yes to green material that does not affect the wildlife and humans as well.

Also, one can easily promote their business by distributing cotton reusable bags, having their logo or tag line over it. You can even gift them to your friends and co-workers. Choose your own small way and this will help to spread your brand as well as a positive message about the importance of taking reusable bags. You need to educate yourself and the people around you to take environmentally friendly steps and use eco-bags instead.

If plastic bags don’t get disposed of in the correct way, they may severely damage our environment. Reusable mesh vegetable bags are the best choice and also the affordable one. Humans have the power to make a change and we all can make our own contributions to make a world that is a better, safer, and cleaner place to live in.

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