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Make Room: 3 Tips To Add Storage Space To Your Home

When you live in European cities, especially in buildings that were built a hundred (or hundreds) years ago, storage space is hard to come by. They just didn’t have as much stuff back then as we do now – and they only lived about 40 years, so they had much less time to accumulate it.

And while we thank our ancestors for building our countries, cultures, and our buildings, living in modern times requires creative storage solutions. Know exactly what we mean? Here are 3 hacks to sneak in storage space in your home or apartment.

1. Always Shop for Furniture with Storage Options

A couch used to just be a couch. But if you shop smart, now that same couch could be a pull-out bed and a place to store all those things in your living room that don’t have a place.

Big cities, like London and Paris, have stores with furniture specially made for small spaces, like tables that fold out to seat more, and even some that can hide their own chairs (you can also find these items online)! And while we don’t expect you to have the funds to completely re-furnish your home with modern solutions, replacing items over time can make a big difference in the long run.

2. Get Rid of Things

Do you feel like you have too much stuff but never know what to get rid of and what to keep? Joining your local Buy Nothing group may be the answer. These are completely free, localized Facebook groups where your neighbor’s post “asks” for things they need and “gives” for things they want.

You’d be surprised at how amazing it feels to give something you’re not using to someone who wants it, and how much space it clears up! Plus – you may just get to know some great people along the way!

To find your local group, google The Buy Nothing project and find your super centralized group!

3. Loft Boarding

Do you have a home with attic space or own the top-level unit of your building? Then you have dead space that you can make work for you. How? by adding space in the loft – or the attic.

You’ve probably seen these scenes in movies, where someone pulls downstairs from the ceiling and accesses a dusty storage space. Just because your home wasn’t initially built with a loft, doesn’t mean you can’t have one of your own!

Loft boarding from Instaloft is surprisingly affordable and a quick process. It’s your home – it should work for you!

Storage Space Ideas for Small Places

When it comes to increasing storage capacity, each home has unique needs. You may not have the space to put a loft in or the money to buy a new couch – but we hope one of the options above sparked some storage space inspiration for you.

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