Finding The Best Bag Of Tobacco

Complete RYO and Pipe Smoker Tobacco Guide 

Do you roll your own cigarettes or smoke from a pipe? If so, there’s a good chance that you need a delicious bag of tobacco. After all, nothing is more frustrating than buying a blend that’s all dry stems and shake. For that reason, we’ve put together this in-depth tobacco buyer’s guide. 

What to Look for In Bagged Tobacco 

So what makes a bag of tobacco stand out? Well, there are a few things to look for, and they’ll depend on your smoking style. Below, we’ll explain what pipe and cigarette smokers need to know. 

Choice Tobacco for Pipe Smokers

If you smoke from a tobacco pipe, congratulations, you’re a rarity! Pipe smoking is a lost art, and it’s good to know that you’re carrying on the tradition. There are some truly amazing pipe tobacco blends out there! Cans and pouches of pipe tobacco should be of superior moisture, flavor, and cut. 

Interestingly enough, many tobacco blends that have been labeled for pipes are actually better for RYO smokers. Therefore, when you’re looking for premium pipe tobacco, you might want to skip the bag style. Instead, look for pouches or cans of tobacco. 

Cans and pouches are almost always specifically filled with tobacco for pipes. From there, you’ll want to find flavors, blends, and styles that pique your interest. Cavendish blends taste great in pipes, although we also love flavored pipe tobacco variants. For instance, Middleton’s Cherry, Borkum Riff Whiskey, and Backwoods Butter Rum are all simply delightful. 

Bagged Tobacco for Rolling Cigarettes

For those who roll their own cigarettes (RYO), we commend you. Rolling your own cigarettes is a fantastic way to enhance your smoking experience, save money, and access better tobacco quality. Even better, home-rolled cigarettes are more flavorful, fresher, and very palatable. 

So which bagged tobacco is best? For one, you’ll need something with an even cut. The more evenly your tobacco is cut, the better it will go into a rolling machine. Additionally, a consistent cut will ensure a smoother, slower, and more evenly burning smoke. 

Also, look for good moisture content. Resealable tobacco bags are a great way to keep everything fresh and springy. Lastly, decide which strains you prefer. Virginia flue-cured, Turkish, and aromatic Kentucky blends are all great options for RYO cigarettes. 

Overall Best Bag of Tobacco This Year 

Presently, the top-rated bag of tobacco comes from the American Club brand. American Club Tobacco is fresh, flavorful, evenly cut, and comes available in many styles. Choose from regular blends like Blue, Green, or Red. If you really want some premium mouth-watering flavor, Peach, Vanilla, Grape, and Cherry are also available. 

This stuff can work for pipes or RYO, though we still recommend canned tobacco for pipe smokers. With that in mind, if you like bagged tobacco in your pipe, go for it! Either way, American Club tobacco has some of the best real-life user ratings this year. 

Premium Bagged Tobacco Runners Up 

In second place is Criss Cross Tobacco. Criss Cross has been one of America’s favorite brands for nearly 25 years! If you like traditional flavors, cross-cut tobacco leaves, and a smooth consistent burn, this may be the tobacco for you. 

Last up is OHM Tobacco. Slightly newer to the market, OHM Tobacco is delicious and comes in many styles. Not only is OHM a premium option, but it also comes in a large resealable bag at a great value. 

Buy Premium Smoking Tobacco Online

Are you ready to shop for pipe or rolling tobacco? If so, simply click this link! From there, you’ll be redirected to the tobacco page of a top-ranking online smoke shop. They’ve got an awesome selection of premium tobacco at bulk discount prices! Thanks for reading, and happy smoking! 

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